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Subterranean Termites
1. Cause the damage. Usually not seen by the homeowner.
2. Are blind.
3. Fit through cracks 1/32”.
Termite Swarmers
1. Usually the caste (colony member) that is seen by homeowners.
2. Usually “swarm” in Connecticut April 1- May 15.
3. Fly to light or windows although not necessarily originating from there.
Yellow Jacket
1. If a large nest is built in a wall void, they can chew through the inside wall and access the inside of your home.
2. Dead bees in a wall can create another secondary infestation.
Paper Wasp
1. Often nest on underside of deck railings, pool edges and inside playscapes where children can be stung.
2. Only queens over-winter year to year.
Bald Faced Hornet
1. Generally construct aerial nest in trees, shrubs, or eaves/soffits of house.
2. In late fall, nests can be up to two feet tall.
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