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Carpenter Ants
A. Carpenter Ants are complicated. Do you think two or three service frequencies will cover every structure each time? Michael’s evaluates every situation and structure. We consider: 1) structure size and construction; 2) level of carpenter ant infestation; 3) seasonal weather and the effect on colonies; 4) different materials and varying levels of residual control.
B. You will quickly see the rational and value behind the different processes and treatment techniques for each service. Michael’s Customized Pest Chart will answer your questions about pest treatments and techniques.
C. Michael’s Customized Plans focus on minimum time allotments for treatment. Ask us about the specifics. You will be surprised at the value for your money.
D. Where do most carpenter ant infestations originate? Why do re-infestations occur? Michael’s will explain why “thinking outside the box” applies to carpenter ants and other pest control.

A. Today, homeowners and business owners are faced with multiple options for termite control. Should you use a liquid treatment or baiting plan? While these options seem good on the surface, the best treatment for the uniqueness of your home or business often involves more than just price considerations. Michael’s will tailor the best, most aggressive treatment plan for you. We will explain the benefits so you will be comfortable with the solution.
B. Whether using a liquid treatment, baiting plan, or both - Michael’s has the latest technology options. We work with you to arrive at the safest solution for your home or business.
C. More time treating means less time eating. Simply put, with Michael’s aggressive and custom treatment options, the only thing you gain is more value for your money and less time for the termites to destroy your biggest investment – your home or business.

Other Pests
Michael’s will help you solve a variety of pest problems. Please refer to the PESTS page.

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