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Pesky Pest Alert!
Carpenter Ant
1. Infestation indicated by the presence of ant trails, saw dust, and noise in walls (like crinkling cellophane).
2. Mature colonies have a main nest and one or more “satellite” nests.
3. Are not always completely black in color.
German Cockroach
1. Most prolific of all roaches.
2. Are “hitchhikers” carried in book bags, grocery bags, corrugated cardboard boxes, and rented appliances.
3. Often seen at night. Spend 75% of their time at rest or hiding.
Yellow Sac Spider
1. As a group, they are responsible for most spider bites in the U.S. each year.
2. If found inside in large numbers, most likely another insect food source needs to be removed.
3. Presence increases indoors in fall months due to cooling temperatures.
1. Pelletized baits are often hoarded by mice giving homeowners a false
assumption the problem is solved.
2. Cause damage by chewing utility wires, vehicle wires, and refrigerator cooling lines.
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